Our mission is to tackle the most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges in our society by making Social Entrepreneurship a fundamental base for the Tunisian economy and offering sustainable and innovative solutions to social entrepreneurs and the community.

What we do

At the TCSE we developed a multi-disciplinary approach to introduce and expand the social enterprise model among the society, to lead the change and to increase the socio-economic level in the communities. Our theory of change is based on offering a holistic service to our different stakeholders considering our model of:

  • Inspire people to create social change in their community, hence the world.
  • Facilitate the learning and collaboration with the community and co-build models and sustainable services to co-create innovative social enterprises.
  • Inspire people to create social change in their community, hence the world.

Through our model and interventions, the TCSE is positioning itself as the crucial player and driver of Social Entrepreneurship development in the Maghreb sub-region starting by Tunisia.

How we do it?


We believe that the first phase for innovation is to be inspired. We have developed in-house toolkits, workshops and programs to inform society and inspire for social change. With our activities we stimulate the creativity and promote out-of-the box thinking to find solutions to our most pressing challenges.

Learn and collaborate

Part of our model is the collaborative learning. Once we co-build the most innovative ideas to solve social problems we work together with the entrepreneurs using in-house developed tools, and expertise mentorship to unblock their growth challenges in every stage of their social enterprise and maximize their social impact.

Our acceleration model is based on piloting, experimenting and validating in the changing market, we don’t believe in static techniques, our ecosystem is dynamic and we build upon it.

We offer our expertise in the following subjects:

  • Strategies based on Human Center Design
  • Social Impact Measurement
  • Management team & Governance
  • Revenue Strategies
  • Communications
  • Financial management
  • Legal structure
  • Scalble solutions

Incubate and Launch

The last phase of our model is to launch or re-launch social enterprises into the market. We support the entrepreneurs to find the financial support adequate to their needs and we help them create their own networks for success, under the solidarity principle.

We are constantly looking for new partners to support our social entrepreneurs and continue building a positive impact in our society. Contact us if you want to be part of our network of experts.

Research and Lobby

Part of our mission is to enable the conditions to promote social entrepreneurship and to continue shaping the rules of the ecosystem. At the TCSE we are engaged in several research projects, including an exhaustive mapping and analysis of active stakeholders for social entrepreneurship in Tunisia and by using field data from our local projects we are shedding the light on how the legal framework should be adapted to the needs of the social entrepreneurs in Tunisia, especially in rural areas.

The TCSE, as main actor of this inspiring ecosystem we are regularly involved in roundtables, conferences and international seminars to continue flourishing the knowledge on social entrepreneurship and to advocate for better practices in the sector.