Our history

We believe that is a fundamental right to have the opportunity to develop by your own means, which is why in 2011 the TCSE – Tunisian Center for Social Entrepreneurship - was created. We want to tackle the most pressing social and economic challenges in our society -unemployment and the huge development gap in the regions, among others - with the vision of making Social Entrepreneurship a fundamental base for the Tunisian economy, offering sustainable and innovative solutions to social entrepreneurs and society.

The project to create the center started after a competition on Social Entrepreneurship that had place in Tunis. As part of the organization team, Asma and Hatem realized that the concept of Social Entrepreneurship was not clear and that the ecosystem was in early stage. During the competition they meet Sarah Toumi – the third co-founder- and since then the 3 of them embarked without limit to the task of expanding social entrepreneurship in their country.

The TCSE has succeeded in being an example of an initiative born from young people to transform their environment and as result the center has been replicated in Algeria and Morroco, with the sister organizations: the Algerian Center for Social Entrepreneurship and the Moroccan Center of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The 3 organizations are revolutionizing social innovation in Maghreb.

Asma Mansour


Asma studied engineering accounting in Tunisia, however, herself expressed that this education did not prove to be satisfying nor suitable for her in order to follow her passions and find a career she loved. During her university years, Asma was involved in multiple leadership positions in student organizations including Junior Chamber International (JCI) and AIESEC (a global youth network). Following her graduation from university, Asma was offered a scholarship by the US Embassy to pursue a mini-MBA and right after finishing in 2010, she was offered another scholarship for a Master degree by the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Tunisia. Passionate about the belief that people must lead the change they desire, Asma co-founded a human rights organization, the People’s Movement for Human Rights Learning (PDHRE Tunisia), which aimed at integrating human rights into citizens’ daily lives. During Asma’s involvement in the citizen sector, she had an eye-opening experience while witnessing the great needs of an organized civil society and the potential of social entrepreneurship while visiting Japan. This led her to co-found the center in 2011. Asma is an Ashoka Fellow and current president of the TCSE.

Hatem Mahbouli

Co founder

Hatem graduated from Georgetown University Mc Donough Business School (MBA – Washington DC) and Telecom SudParis (Master of Engineering- Paris, France). During his studies, he also attended the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, the Georgetown Public Policy Center, London Business School, the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and Sainte Genevieve School of Versailles, he is also a 2016 CFA level 3 candidate.

He is currently an investment officer at FMO, where every day, he has the amazing opportunity to contribute to complicated investments with high development impact, mainly in Asia. He is member of investment panels of funds active in inclusive businesses in India. Before joining FMO, he was involved in various efforts to develop social business and impact investing with leading organizations such as Ashoka and Gray Ghost Ventures. He also contributed to strategy consulting and business modeling projects for Shea Yeleen International, HelloWallet, Gnewt Cargo, and IBM Brazil. Previously, he held a consulting position in Industrial and Organisational Systems Integration at the Paris office of Accenture. Following his high interest in social innovation and entrepreneurship, he co- founded the TCSE in 2011 to help promote social entrepreneurship initiatives and a social economy friendly legislation in Tunisia. Since August 2014, he has been involved as Practitioner Coach in Leiden University, supporting students taking the exciting “Entrepreneurship for Society” minor. He has also just started a “F**ckup Night” chapter to share and celebrate failures.

He had the privilege to live and/or work in various countries such as France, USA, UK, Rwanda, Cambodia, South Korea, and Lebanon.

Sarah Toumi

Co Founder

Sarah was born in France to a Tunisian father and a French mother. Influenced by her father who worked for years in the nonprofit sector, Sarah got involved in social causes at a young age to build youth centers, computer labs and public libraries in Tunisia’s marginalized communities. During her time at the Sorbonne, Sarah founded DREAMin, an incubator for social and environmental students projects in Paris. In 2011, following the Tunisian revolution, Sarah, who had been leading a very comfortable life in Paris, decided to go back to her homeland of Tunisia. In Tunisia, Sarah saw that the levels of rural poverty, resulting from land desertification, were rapidly increasing. This eye opening experience led Sarah to her conviction that desertification and environmental degradation, leading to rural poverty, was the most pressing issue facing her community. In December 2013, “Acacias for All” was chosen by the French government as one of the 100 innovations that would shape the future of sustainable development in Africa. Sarah is an Ashoka Fellow, a TedX Women speaker and an Echoing Green fellow.